China Mining; Foresee Environmental Issues 2021

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The China Environmental Protection Law provides that construction projects with environmental impacts must be subject to environmental impact assessment at all the time. It is to be noted that without the environmental impact assessment (EIA), the project construction cannot commence. So the EIA Law makes sure they provide different requirements for different types of construction projects as stipulated. There are three major catalogs of classification of construction on environmental and there are as follows:

The projects with a potentially major impact on the environment; it is noted that the constructor must submit an environmental impact report and hold a public hearing to ask for the opinion of relevant authorities, experts, and the public of Chinese citizens.

The projects with a potentially moderate impact on the environment; this must also be noted, that the constructor must submit an environmental impact report form before any other thing.

For the projects with a potentially minor impact on the environment; you must know as a constructor you must complete an environmental impact registration form before you can further.


There are more than 10,000 mostly coal mines in China that are into the production of a large amount of the world’s supply. Since many years ago and to date China is the world's largest producer of coal and cannot be compared to any other country of any kind including gold and most rare earth minerals. China is also the world's leading consumer of most mining products particularly in thermal coal and iron ore having about total consumption of 49% and 58% respectively of global supply.

According to the Chinese Mineral Resources Report 2017, at the end of 2016, the following were available; 125.7 billion tons of oil, of which 30.1 billion tons was recoverable. A 90 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and about 50 trillion cubic meters were recoverable. About 122 trillion cubic meters of shale gas at a burial depth of 4,500 with about 22 trillion cubic meters was also recoverable, having about 30 trillion cubic meters of coal bed methane at a burial depth of around 2,000 with 12.5 trillion cubic meters that were recovered.

Note; China is the most potential for 24 major minerals in the world today. These include; sulphurate, phosphate rock, potash, magnetite, coal, iron ore, manganese, chromite, copper, lead, zinc, bauxite, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, fluorite, boron and barite, antimony, nickel, gold, silver, lithium, pyrites.

In 1Q18, the mining industry in China maintained a growth momentum. The total profit of the mining industry during this period in 2018 was CNY87.79 billion a YoY increase of 42.1% which was actualized.

During this period profit growth at the following rates is; the coal mining and washing industry is having 19.6%, the oil and natural gas mining industry having 138%, the nonferrous metal mining and processing industry having 22.4%, the nonmetallic mineral mining and processing industry having 12.8%, the ferrous metal mining and processing industry was too down in profit-making with CNY2.06 billion with a YoY decrease of 20.8%.

You must be aware that restrictions on the following areas are available; as an applicant, you must be qualified in the following by having sufficient capital, knowledge, experience suitable for the extraction plan you want to engage in, that is to if you don’t have them you will be disqualified. If the mining environment submitted for is within a harbor, military facility project, airport, large industrial district, railway, river or natural reserves important highway, but you can only be free if approval is granted by competent bureaus authorized by the State Council. The application materials or equipment are not properly prepared and submitted with a standard format can be rejected.


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