NBHX: Automotive Interiors Service Delivery, Skill Effort

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NBHX [002048:CH] is generally known as Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd owned, managed, and based in China with full involvement in the development, research, manufacturing, distribution, and designing of automobile accessories, for the actualization of a conducive living environment on China and global residents at all time.

The Company's key products are mainly in the area of interior and exterior trims, while other products and services consist of center channel assemblies, spoilers, front side and rear windshields roofs, bellows; air-conditioning accessories; automotive chassis accessories; automotive electrical and electronic accessories; automotive engine accessories; instrument panels, metal stamping, and many others for domestic and overseas market demand.

The company is highly recognized worldwide because of its sound service products delivery they offer to their customers at every given time, as well as seeing their customers, partners, the Chinese government, and many others around the world as a priority to the achievement of the company’s goal and objective.

The company focuses on automotive interiors to deliver a positive sense of beauty and comfort at every given time, through the application of several portfolios of luxurious resources, with advanced metals, versatile synthetics, and beautiful wooden surfaces. The other interest of the company is to be manufacturing a standard product that will be serving the general public on vehicle interior. They keep expanding their business innovation in manufacturing trim that goes beyond decorative design to advance the consumer experience and add value to it.

The company is mainly moved by research to seek ways on how to improve its product and be better than any other firms within and outside China. They keep improving daily through investment to explore technology to serve their customers with market-leading trim.


The company develops and distributes automotive accessories for small, medium, and high-class vehicles. They own more than 69 manufacturing centers in the whole world with over 15000 employees. Some of their main customers include BMW, GM, FAW, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, and many others. The company are surrounded by advanced technology for the manufacturing of its product


The company is always ready to provide their customers with innovative strategy, design, and technology that will add value and style to automotive interiors at all times. The company plans to create trim with colorful surfaces that will be serving the marketplace of the future generation.

Business Target:

The company has promised to be maintaining the number one global standard in the development and manufacturing of quality interior trim and to chase innovation in advanced technology, develop and execute resources as well as organizes the sustainability and reduction of impact on the interior environment. They also deliver high value to their employees, clients, shareholders, partners, and communities at every given time.

The company uses years of experience to develop and restructure its products before it gets to the final consumer, and the application of advanced technology is a key driver to the company’s processes.

Financial Out-put:

The company share value FY19 increased significantly on earnings per share of 1.57%, Sales was 27.18%, while the operating profit also increased by 2.00%. The working capital increased slightly by 5.24%, while the capital expenditure also increased to 1.17%.

Sales per Business:

The company’s financial report shows a slight increment in interiors of CNY8,125 in FY19 with 1.0% year-on-year than that of CNY8,039 in FY18. There was also a positive increment in metallic parts having CNY3,941 in FY19 with 33.6% year-on-year than to be compared to CNY2,613 in FY18. Exterior parts of the company also had an increase of CNY2,648 in FY19 with 6.1% year-on-year than that of CNY2,484 in FY18. Other businesses also recorded a heavy increment of CNY1,039 in FY19 with 37.1% year-on-year than that of FY18 period having CNY652.7.





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