Why is Pinduoduo cheaper than Taobao for the same product

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Once an online blogger broke the news that he bought the same pieces of clothes on Taobao and Pinduoduo. The brands, shipping addresses, and packaging are exactly the same, but the prices are much different. Taobao's products are more than ten to dozens of dollars more expensive than Pinduoduo.

This exposure was also liked by thousands of people. Many people commented that they had the same experience. It was obvious that the quality of the products was the same, but the price was much worse. They all accused Taobao of losing its original intentions, not only harvesting merchants but also harvesting consumption. By.

In this regard, some people in the industry have expressed different views.

The reason why everyone thinks that some products are cheaper on Pinduoduo is actually because of the source of goods. Now Taobao and Pinduoduo have many unsourced shops. These shops are concentrated on some source websites to order and open stores, and the source station will be based on the merchant's location. Different platforms give different pricing, so in order to make money, the merchant will definitely increase the purchase price based on the purchase price given by the source supplier.

Different platforms, different rules, and different features have different prices.

In other words, a product sold on JD.com is more valuable than Taobao. Taobao sells more expensive items. The thing is still that thing. Because JD.com is positioned as a high-end product, it will mainly contribute high-quality products to JD.com, while medium-quality products are sold on Taobao. , Inferior products are sold on Pinduoduo.

The quality of a batch of goods will be divided into upper, middle, and lower. In fact, the difference is not big (such as clothing, it may only be the difference between a few threads), but there is still a gap in the production cost. Pinduoduo sells high-quality goods and sets high prices. There will be fewer people buying; if you put some things that are not of good quality, but the price is cheaper, you will sell more because the platform likes it, and users like it. After all, A price is paid for.

So some people have bought the same product with the same delivery place on Taobao and Pinduoduo, but there are reasons for the price difference.

You should have had the experience of buying toilet paper on Pinduoduo. You spend more money on Taobao, but the quality and quantity of the paper are within the normal range. However, the products obtained by Pinduoduo using some spikes or bargaining are either in small quantities or the quality of the products is not good enough, so many people say that the products sold on Pinduoduo are "inferior products."

In terms of product quality and quantity, Pinduoduo actually sells more expensive than Taobao. The same product is sold for a few dollars cheaper than Taobao. Although Taobao is more expensive, the basic quality is still guaranteed. Understand.

Most Pinduoduo is non-sourced merchants. What they are good at is collecting high-quality product information from the entire network, and using thousands of people to recommend products to you.

It’s easy to understand that the products recommended by everyone after big data analysis are different, and most of the shopping environments nowadays are on subways and buses, and there is not a lot of time. Naturally, they will not go to compare prices one by one. Just place an order, because most of the products are now price-added products, which have a very high-cost performance, so you don’t have to worry about not being sold.

So don't care too much about this. If you want to enjoy the quality of the goods, you can spend a few more on Taobao. If you like low-priced products, you have to tolerate the difference in product quality.

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