Four Chinese companies become members of openEuler

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On June 10th, openEuler Developer Day 2021 with the theme of "Creating the Best OS, Achieving a Better Us" was successfully held in Beijing. Initiated by the openEuler community, this conference is a technology event for developers. In a one-day period, experts, scholars, business leaders and developers from various industry organizations focus on diverse computing, cloud-native full-stack, and full-scene Conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions in technical directions such as collaboration.

At the conference site, China Telecom Cloud Company, China Unicom Digital Technology, Shanghai Zhaoxin Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Advanced Technology Research Institute officially became members of the openEuler community council, and the community user committee and brand promotion committee were formally established; at the same time, Baidu Smart Cloud announced Join the openEuler community, release the openEuler-based BaiduLinux intelligent cloud operating system, and build, share, and co-govern the open source operating system industry ecosystem with community companies.

Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave the opening speech for the conference. He said that open source has become the leading model of global software technology and industrial innovation, and is an efficient way to accelerate basic software innovation and strengthen social collaboration. Since openEuler has been open source for one year, it has achieved rapid construction from code open source to industrial ecology, and achieved large-scale commercial landing with partners. Practice has proved that through the open source governance model of "co-construction, sharing, co-governance, and win-win", attracting industrial chain synergy and common development in the form of a community is an effective way to promote technological innovation, industrial development and ecological construction, and it is also an effective way to promote openness. New formats and models of coordinated development.

The operating system is the most important part of the computing industry ecology. Only an operating system community with a complete ecological chain can build a solid basic software ecology. Through the integration and innovation of the upstream and downstream industrial chains, it will continue to promote the vigorous development of upper-level applications. OpenEuler community director Changjiang Dayong said that up to now, the number of developers participating in community contributions is nearly 5,000; there are tens of millions of clicks in 1,000 cities around the world; more than 150,000 global downloads; companies that join the community cover mainstream chips , Hardware and board manufacturers, domestic commercial deployment of more than 150,000 sets. openEuler, a complete operating system ecosystem for diverse computing has been established.

Open source, openness, cooperation, and maintain continuous technological innovation. After the openEuler community is open sourced, under the leadership of the community council and various committees, the community operates in an orderly manner, and the version is released on time. Hu Xinwei, chairman of the openEuler community technical committee, said that the community actively contributes to the upstream and maintains continuous technological innovation. In version 21.03 released in March, many new community features have been integrated and implemented. In the upcoming 21.09 version, more new technologies will be integrated.

Co-construction, sharing, and co-governance, and community governance is gradually improved. At this conference, the openEuler community council was co-opted, and China Telecom Cloud, China Unicom Digital Technology, Shanghai Zhaoxin and Wuxi Advanced Technology Research Institute joined the community council. Operators have extremely stringent requirements on the commercial environment for software use. This time the two major operators have joined the council. On the one hand, industry users recognize the stability of the openEuler system and the maturity of the community ecosystem; on the other hand, industry users’ Join in providing suggestions that meet the needs of the market for the development of the community, and promote the sustainable development of the community.

Since the open source on December 31, 2019, the commercial release based on openEuler has achieved commercial landing in digital government, finance, operators, energy, and other industries. OpenEuler has created commercial value for many industry customers. At the same time, the large-scale application of thousands of industries provides the source of innovation for the openEuler community, and continuously enhances the core technical competitiveness of openEuler.

Baidu Smart Cloud officially joined the openEuler community. Wang Yao, the outstanding R&D architect of Baidu Smart Cloud, said that Baidu Smart Cloud is attracted by the open operating mode, active community ecology and innovative technological development of the openEuler community, and has become another enterprise-level user who has joined the openEuler community. At the same time, Baidu Smart Cloud released the BaiduLinux smart cloud operating system based on openEuler to achieve the best performance of virtual machines on the cloud and AI deployment applications. In the future, Baidu will participate in the construction of SIG groups in the openEuler community kernel, virtualization and AI fields, and combine the technical capabilities of Baidu and openEuler to help build the operating system ecosystem.

Liu Junwei, general manager of the laaS product department of China Mobile Cloud Competence Center, shared that BC-Linux has deeply customized and optimized openEuler for mobile cloud business application scenarios, including hot upgrade of new core components, enhancement of virtualization and container features, and centralized deployment and operation. Features such as maintenance tools, through software and hardware collaboration, complete performance optimization from application to system full stack, complete technology precipitation in key areas, fully release diversified computing power, and comprehensively enhance cloud service capabilities.

Fang Bingyi, head of the cloud computing R&D department of Unicom Digital, said that China Unicom Cloud will focus on developing a diverse computing innovation cloud ecosystem from 2020, and implement innovative application practices based on Kunpeng's software and hardware. China Unicom Cloud plans to use openEuler's virtualization technology stratovirt and container technology isula to create a more secure and lightweight dual-engine cloud platform architecture. At the same time, with good support for multi-core and high deployment density, it will achieve more efficient and secure under the Kunpeng computing system. The operating environment provides technical support for the exclusive cloud services of enterprise-level users, and opens up a new technological path for the construction of 5G edge clouds.

In the financial field, openEuler has won the favor of a large number of financial customers with its leading technology, stable and secure performance, and mature open source ecosystem. Everbright Bank has adopted Galaxy Kirin operating system V10 to accelerate its business data transformation-the construction of Digital Everbright. Zou Qiubo, a technical expert from the Cloud Technology Management Office of the Information Department of Everbright Bank, said that the Galaxy Kylin operating system V10 has absorbed the latest achievements of openEuler and related open source technologies, enabling enterprise-level key business applications, and helping Everbright Bank to build "one brain, two platforms, Three service capabilities and N digital products" digital platform realize the strategic vision of "building a first-class wealth management bank".

Liu Wenzong, platform architect of Guodian NARI Beijing Kedong Company, said that the smart grid dispatching control system is the nerve center of the power system, which has high requirements on the performance, real-time response and reliability of the operating system. The openEuler community provides good technical support and full-stack optimization capabilities, which can help in the innovation and upgrade of the State Grid smart grid dispatching control system. At present, the smart grid dispatching control system of the Kylin Principal operating system combined with openEuler technology is widely used in various network and provincial adjustment units of the State Grid. It has been deployed in 8 sites and has accumulated more than 60 regions for modeling, providing more than 2,000 substations and power plants. Safe and stable operation of escort.

The open source model of openness, equality, collaboration and sharing has gradually become a new generation of software development model. Hosted by Huo Taiwen, founder and CEO of Geekbang Technology, Du Junping, Chairman of the TOC of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, Zhong Xin, CTO of CCB Financial Technology Intelligent Cloud Division, Wu Jingzheng, researcher of the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 360 Future Security Research Institute Wang Yunbo, deputy dean of the Cloud Security Research Institute and head of Didi open source technology, and Li Jiansheng, the creator of Open Source Way/APAC open source evangelist of the Linux Foundation, jointly participated in a roundtable discussion session on the value of the open source community’s software supply chain, and companies are choosing open source foundations The main considerations of the software are discussed.

Supporting and developing open source will be an effective way for my country to realize technological innovation and achieve breakthroughs. A complete open source community needs a clear technological development route, an open governance environment, long-term maintenance capabilities and a mature ecology. A single tree cannot become a forest, and the construction of an open source ecosystem cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires the joint cooperation of industry, university, research and application. OpenEuler and global developers jointly calculate the development of the industry.

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