How does Huawei CloudLink cloud video "break the game"?

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In the 1980s, the use of computers for collaborative processing business opened the initial stage of the development of government information. Decades later, information technology has developed to a stage that supports high-performance system integration. The rapid development and in-depth application of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and big data have made the construction of smart government an inevitable trend.

In the process of realizing government affairs management and implementation of government affairs intelligently, “video conference” always runs through all aspects of deepening the integration of technology and business, which can not only greatly improve the efficiency of collaboration between government departments, accelerate the generation and implementation of decision-making, but also accelerate The comprehensive upgrading and reform of smart government has laid a solid foundation.

However, most video conferencing systems currently on the market still have many optimizable functions and experiences. A series of problems such as insufficient stability, relatively complicated operation, and single function have long been unable to meet the development needs of government affairs and business. On the other hand, the particularity of government business also puts forward higher requirements for the localization, information security, compatibility and other standards of video conferencing products.

To create an excellent video communication product that serves government systems, it is necessary to overcome the real constraints of traditional video conferencing system resources such as scattered resources and sharing difficulties. It also requires comprehensive communication, security, cloud computing and other aspects of R&D and service experience to help the government Work "clear instructions, orderly system, unobstructed, effective execution".

Huawei has been in the video industry for 28 years and has always adhered to the "platform + ecology" two-wheel drive strategy, building an open ecosystem, and achieving outstanding market results.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has accumulated more than 700 patents in the field of audio and video, and has the most comprehensive layout in the field of video conferencing, covering terminal equipment, cloud video platforms, and providing one-stop solutions for end-cloud collaboration. Comprehensive strength from R&D to ecological construction.

In order to allow professional video conferencing to gradually penetrate the grassroots, individuals and industries, and move towards cross-departmental and cross-level sharing and sharing, Huawei CloudLink cloud video solutions came into being.

Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform provides native video applications based on multiple computing powers, a video sharing platform based on the concept of media integration, and industry enabling services centered on capability openness, and achieves the ultimate by creating a dedicated cloud video platform High-definition, extreme intelligence, extreme capacity, extreme safety and reliability, minimal operation and maintenance, and build an intelligent working method.

It is precisely with a complete product system and excellent service capabilities that Huawei CloudLink continues to win the choice of market and government customers. Assisting government affairs in the application of information propaganda, resource integration, smart management and other fields, opening up more room for imagination.

Taking water conservancy government management as an example, in 2020, on the basis of the original dispatching system, the Water Conservancy Dispatching Center of the Water Resources Department of Shandong Province, combined with Huawei CloudLink cloud video and VDCP visual command solutions, will comprehensively upgrade the joint prevention and joint control system, and further improve the "efficiency" "Consultation, visualization of flood prevention, centralized command" capabilities, real-time information sharing, visual command and dispatch, and multi-departmental linkage response through scientific and technological means, building a more scientific and efficient emergency command system for disaster prevention and control in all parts of the province Provide more convenient and efficient technical support.

Not only that, Huawei CloudLink cloud video has been used by the government in many important international video conferences. In February this year, the China-CEEC Leaders Summit was held by video. This summit is the first summit of leaders held since the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism was launched in 2012. It is of great significance in the special context of countries fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic with all their strength. With the technical support of Huawei CloudLink cloud video, the smoothness and efficiency of conference communication quality is ensured, and sufficient communication between countries is ensured.

Huawei CloudLink cloud video is not only used in various fields of the government system, but also in medical, education, office and other industries. With its outstanding comprehensive strength, it is also accelerating the construction of enterprises and the upgrading of management models, and the digital transformation of the industry. In the future, Huawei's CloudLink cloud video application will surely break through industry boundaries, develop into a wider range of fields, and continue to explore the long-term goal of digital transformation for thousands of industries.

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