Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform helps reform the medical system

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In order to promote the integration and optimized deployment of medical and health resources in Longhua District, and to achieve the goal of "unified standards, unified platforms, resource sharing and interconnection" in the construction of regional medical and health information, the Longhua District Health and Health Bureau of Shenzhen has joined hands with Huawei, based on Huawei CloudLink cloud video The platform’s intelligent connection, network-wide collaboration capabilities and many innovative functions have built a smart medical cloud platform covering the entire Longhua District, accelerated the construction of the "114 Project" telemedicine project, and effectively alleviated the uneven distribution of medical resources in the region and public hospitals. The difference in technical level with other hospitals and social health issues has promoted the construction of the primary medical and health service system in Longhua District.

Based on the real-time audio and video processing capabilities provided by Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform, as well as remote outpatient services, remote teaching training, remote light consultations and other remote medical services that Bar 300 video terminals and TE soft terminals can achieve, the Longhua District Health Bureau will be in the area The 94 medical points in the United States are efficiently linked to form a regional medical consortium with hospitals as the center, helping grassroots social health service centers to achieve telemedicine services and improving the medical service capabilities of grassroots medical staff.

The formation of the regional medical consortium broke the previous situation of relative independence and lack of integration between the information systems of different medical institutions, and effectively promoted the integration and optimization of the region’s medical and health resources. The service model effectively solves the problem of people’s difficulty in seeing a doctor, and at the same time promotes the improvement of regional health monitoring, prevention and health care.

Relying on telemedicine service portals, health services, telemedicine supervision, public service portals, third-party service portals, etc. as entrances, the new business system integrates functions such as remote outpatient clinics, teaching training, light consultation, video conferencing, and telemedicine supervision. Provide residents with a more efficient and convenient medical experience.

The "114 Project" telemedicine video integration platform applies cloud, 4K, collaboration, artificial intelligence and other products and technologies, and fully utilizes the intelligent connection and network-wide collaboration capabilities of Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform to build a highly integrated and efficient end-to-end collaboration End-to-end telemedicine solutions.

First of all, thanks to the ability of cloud video to transmit ultra-high-definition, low-latency audio and video in the mobile Internet environment, medical staff can access the remote medical service platform through large screens, PCs and other terminals anytime, anywhere, and participate in remote consultations and videos. Daily work such as meetings. Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform also supports medical business scenarios such as multi-party whiteboard collaborative editing, image annotation, case discussion, etc., bringing participants more sense of participation and mutual collaboration experience, and improving work efficiency.

In addition, using the large-scale remote interaction and 1080P and 4K high-definition video call capabilities of the Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform, the Longhua District Health Bureau has built a remote teaching training system. Medical staff can watch the teaching online at any time through the large screen, PC and mobile phone. Carry out knowledge special topics on-demand, access electronic medical records, documents, etc., to promote the improvement and refinement of personal business capabilities.

For a long time, Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform aims to build a unified and efficient administrative-level cloud video solution for customers, and emphasizes user experience upgrade, construction and management model upgrade. At present, Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform has become an indispensable infrastructure for medical macro-management, disease prevention and control, and remote consultation in Longhua District.

District governments and health administrative departments can access the latest statistics of the region’s medical, health and family planning industry through the Huawei CloudLink cloud video platform to obtain timely data support required for macro management, improve the deployment of health resources, and enhance health decision-making capabilities . At the same time, use the emergency command and handling platform for public health emergencies to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of public health emergencies, and improve the ability of emergency command and processing.

In the context of the country's comprehensive promotion of the construction of a healthy China, the protection of the people's health is a strategic priority for development, and the new crown epidemic promotes the accelerated reform of the medical industry, telemedicine will play an increasingly important role in my country's medical and health field. Huawei's CloudLink cloud video platform will also continue to cultivate in the medical industry, giving full play to its core technological advantages to empower the industry's digital transformation and contribute to the construction of a healthy China.

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