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Technology, Internet & Telecom - 2Q20 Sector Overview

China's Tech Space Evolves to Counter Effects of the Coronavirus

The second quarter was a dynamic period for China’s tech markets. Domestically, Chinese companies have been enjoying high valuations, with government direct and indirect support and rising demand for tech as the economy gradually revives from the impact of the pandemic.

Internationally, on the other hand, Chinese tech companies have been facing ever increasing scrutiny form lawmakers. India has blocked major Chinese apps in the country, Britain pledged to remove Huawei from domestic networks by 2027, while the US has added more manufacturing and IT companies to its entity list.

Domestically, government support for 5G has partially offset the impact of international backlash.

For more information about major Chinese technology sector highlights and events, download our Q2 China Technology, Internet & Telecom Sector Overview.

Key Topics Covered:

Investors are paying more attention to the chip sector in light of imminent and dramatic development. The mainland industry, however, faces fierce international competition
Chinese tech firms are accelerating efforts to raise capital, particularly from local investors, and anticipate government support and high valuations
Tencent views ByteDance more and more as a threat, as offerings and strategies begin to converge
Online companies are developing more live stream offerings to take advantage of the rapidly expanding ecommerce channel, while authorities evaluate how to regulate the new market

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